141 Things to Track in Your Planner: The Ultimate List to Keep You Organized

141 things to track planner

If you feel like you’re always looking for new things to track in your planner (or bujo, or notebook, or journal, or diary), this list might be exactly what you want!

I have curated this extensive list in an effort to help you fill in your empty planner spaces. If you need a small trackable item in your BuJo (with or without a doodle), see if anything in this list works for you.

Things to Track in Your Planner (in no particular order)

  1. Appointments
  2. Meetings
  3. Birthdays
  4. Holidays
  5. Daily to-do lists
  6. Weekly goals
  7. Monthly goals
  8. Habit tracking
  9. Gratitude journaling
  10. Daily affirmations
  11. Daily Weather
  12. Daily reflections and journaling
  13. Dream journaling
  14. Gift ideas and wishlists
  15. Social events and parties
  16. Passwords and login details
  17. Event planning and RSVPs
  18. Inspirational quotes collection
  19. Gratitude log
  20. Daily or weekly reflections
  21. Daily motivational quotes
  22. Positive affirmations
  23. Fitness activities
  24. Water intake
  25. Medication tracking
  26. Health symptoms and conditions
  27. Fitness challenges and progress
  28. Self-care activities
  29. Mood tracking
  30. Sleep tracking
  31. Quotes or inspiring messages
  32. Workouts and training programs
  33. Family members allergies
  34. Family members medications, dosage, schedule
  35. Health or fitness challenges
  36. Daily steps or physical activity
  37. Budgeting and expenses
  38. Savings goals
  39. Bill payment due dates
  40. Debt repayment progress
  41. Savings progress for specific goals (e.g., vacation fund, home down payment)
  42. Money Challenges
  43. Daily expenses tracking
  44. Donation or charity tracking
  45. Monthly income and expenses overview
  46. Personal finance or investment tracking
  47. Travel plans and itineraries
  48. Bucket list destinations
  49. Travel expenses and budgets
  50. Visited locations
  51. Places to go
  52. Meal planning
  53. Grocery lists
  54. Macro tracking/calorie counting
  55. Recipe collection
  56. Recipe experimentation and notes
  57. Project ideas and brainstorming
  58. Craft or DIY project progress
  59. Book reading progress
  60. Movie or TV show watchlist
  61. Social media content calendar
  62. Blog post ideas
  63. Podcast or YouTube video ideas
  64. Art or creative prompts
  65. Social media followers or engagement
  66. Social media posting schedule
  67. Social media analytics and growth
  68. Work projects and deadlines
  69. Study schedules and exams
  70. Work hours tracking
  71. Productivity tracking
  72. Work-related achievements or milestones
  73. Home cleaning and organization tasks
  74. Home improvement projects
  75. Gardening tasks and plant care
  76. Pet care and vaccinations
  77. Car maintenance and service dates
  78. Home renovation ideas
  79. Home cleaning checklist
  80. Home inventory checklist
  81. Reading list and book reviews
  82. Podcast or audiobook recommendations
  83. New skills or hobbies to learn
  84. Brainstorming ideas for creative projects
  85. Self-care routines and activities
  86. Personal development goals and progress
  87. Reflections on lessons learned or personal growth
  88. Personal mantras or affirmations
  89. Daily or weekly gratitude lists
  90. Weekly or monthly self-care goals
  91. Relationship or family goals
  92. Personal values or principles
  93. Daily or weekly self-reflection questions
  94. Personal project management
  95. Personal growth challenges
  96. Self-care or wellness routines
  97. Reflections on achievements and milestones
  98. Expenses by category (e.g., groceries, dining out, entertainment)
  99. Daily productivity rating
  100. Social events attended
  101. Daily reading time
  102. Creative writing prompts
  103. Quotes that inspire you
  104. Relationship milestones or special moments
  105. Business or career achievements
  106. Personal branding goals and progress
  107. Social media engagement rates
  108. Website or blog analytics
  109. Business or project expenses
  110. Inspirational TED Talks or podcasts
  111. Family or friend game nights
  112. TV shows or movies you want to watch
  113. Music playlists or recommendations
  114. Personal achievements or milestones
  115. Memory or nostalgia journaling
  116. Productivity-enhancing tools or apps
  117. Relationship or family bonding activities
  118. Financial goals progress (savings, investments)
  119. Daily habits or routines
  120. Quotes that resonate with you
  121. Daily news or current events summaries
  122. Healthy recipe creations and modifications
  123. Weekly or monthly reflection prompts
  124. Morning routine
  125. Evening routine
  126. Self-reflection on personal growth
  127. Progress in conquering fears or phobias
  128. DIY or home improvement project updates
  129. Daily moments of joy or happiness
  130. Personal finance education resources
  131. Work-life balance achievements
  132. Progress in learning new skills
  133. Progress in achieving weight loss or fitness goals
  134. Daily expressions of gratitude or appreciation
  135. Personal projects progress
  136. Daily learning or educational milestones
  137. Progress in building new habits
  138. Acts of self-discipline or willpower
  139. Daily moments of humor
  140. Progress in conquering bad habits or addictions
  141. Personal achievements

Wrapping Up

How many of these items do you track? Did this list give you any ideas for new things to track in your planner? Share your thoughts in the comments or share your trackers with us on Social. Follow us on Pinterest, IG and FB.


As a wife for over 30 years, a mother, and grandmother, Trinity has extensive experience managing all things family and household. She is an expert at being a woman (though not always a lady!) and hopes to inspire and empower other women. From practical financial advice, and productivity hacks to effective planning tips, and a love for adventure, Trinity provides it all from a fresh perspective that aims to bridge the gap between youthful enthusiasm and mature wisdom.