What is RICchic about? RICchic started because I wasn’t busy enough doing ALL.THE.THINGS and was interested in creating a lifestyle magazine-type site from a, shall we say, more experienced perspective. Many lifestyle blogs I’ve seen and read are from a 20- or 30-something perspective. And while some of them are very, very good…I feel as though they are leaving out a large audience of women.

That isn’t to say this site is only for women of middle age and older; I’m certain there will be plenty on this site that younger women could find useful and informative also. And, if I’m being totally honest, there may even be men who find some of the articles useful or interesting…or maybe not…and that’s ok, too!

The articles on this site are primarily directed at women and written from a woman’s perspective (mine). My goal here is help others in different areas of their lives, find joy in all of it, and have the courage to live the life you’ve always dreamt of.


Rebel against stereotypes, -isms, social norms, acceptable career choices, hate, drama, all things toxic, and anything else that comes to my mind. This is not rebelling in the traditional sense of the word. I do not believe that violence against authorities is acceptable behavior and I am not encouraging nor condoning such activity.

When I talk about rebelling against these types of things, I’m just saying it’s ok to question it. It’s ok to go against the tide. It’s ok to be different and be you. So be you, but do it BOLDLY! Be proud! Be confident! In doing so, you’ll find your best life and maybe just be an inspiration to other women! And that leads me to the next topic.


I want to share what inspires me as well as what we can do to inspire others. Inspiration can be found everywhere, we just have to look for it sometimes … and sometimes, we need to be the inspiration.

Life is hard, sometimes it’s really hard. We need to find the things that make life more enjoyable. The things that make life exciting and fun. The things that give us the courage to try something challenging without being afraid of failure.

We need to understand that sometimes, we can provide those things for other people. We can be the person that inspires someone else. And we should be ok with that. We should hope to be so fortunate!


Ahhh, finally we come to Create. This topic is about so many things! Creating structure and balance in your life. Creating beauty and peace. Creating healthy habits. Creating the life you want with less stress.

Is it always easy? No, of course not. Is it a learning process and a little different for everyone? Most definitely. Is it worth it? Absolutely!

But life doesn’t have to be dull and stressful, filled with drama and working our fingers to the bone for other people’s dreams. We can find joy wherever we are in our journey and we can make our life one we are happy in!

What’s Next?

I do not have all the answers…but I do have a lot of experience that I’m happy to share with all of you. Lessons I’ve learned (sometimes funny, sometimes painful) can hopefully benefit you and save you some of the trouble I encountered.

Join me as I share what I’ve been through and what I think about. Walk with me as we figure out the rest of it together. It is my hope that my experiences resonate with you, encourage you, and help to solve some problem you’re experiencing or put you on the path to solving them. At the very least, maybe something here will make you laugh!

I’m glad you’re here, fellow RICchic!


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