18 Secret Truths About Aging No One Tells You

truths about aging

Having lived over half a century, I’ve learned many truths about aging on my own. I’m not sure why no one talks about these things. People need to know! This is my attempt at helping share some of the little-known facts about growing older that no one else will tell you.

Intro to Aging

Age. It’s a funny thing. Some say it’s just a number. Some compare it to a fine wine. Others get frustrated at their bodies which are unable to do what they once did. Or sad that their body no longer looks the way it used to when they were younger.

The grey hairs begin multiplying at an alarming rate, and the numbers on the scale start increasing as well – even if you haven’t changed anything in your diet/exercise routine. You begin your day waking up sore and end your day going to bed sore. You have bottles of Icy Hot (or Bio Freeze) in several areas of your home for easy accessibility, and there’s a jar of VapoRub on your bedside night stand.

Yep. It has started. Age is creeping up on you, my friend. You’re turning into your grandparents. (I bet you have a bottle of Listerine in your bathroom, too!)

All is Not Lost!

For all the negative things we hear about growing older – and there is a lot of that – there are some pretty great things, too. The following list of truths about aging contain some good things (and a few not so good things), but all of them are rarely, if ever, talked about. So, without wasting any more of your time (we are aging every minute, after all!), let’s get started!

Secret Truths About Aging

  1. You don’t lose your hair – it just migrates to other places on your body…usually where you don’t want it growing. For women, this may mean facial hairs (keep those tweezers handy, ladies!) and men tend to grow long, unruly strands from their ears and nose.
  2. You gain the superpower of invisibility – just not in the cool way. No, you can’t sneak up on people; for some reason, they always see you coming then. But walking through the store, people will run you over or bump into you like you weren’t even there. I first experienced this phenomenon at Disney World the year I turned 50. I attributed it to the disrespectful mob and the “Disney Walk” mentality…but it happens everywhere now, so it must mean I’m invisible!
  3. It becomes mandatory to grunt every time you stand up – even if you’re thin with no pains or joint inflammations. No reason to complain about this, just have fun with this one!
  4. Honestly, you don’t feel old most of the time. That is, until someone reminds you or you walk past a mirror and see your mother staring back at you.
  5. You stop giving advice that wasn’t asked for. You realize no one wants to hear it and they’re not going to listen anyway – no matter how right you are.
  6. The weight of the world on your shoulders for all those years (or maybe gravity has something to do with it, too) causes you to shrink a little. Seriously, you will be shorter than you were in high school at some point. For those of you who are like me and have been vertically challenged your whole life, this is not an easy truth to come to grips with!
  7. Your patience increases (I stand by the theory that I would have been a better mother had I been a “memaw” first!) but your tolerance (for drama, BS, etc.) decreases.
  8. You seriously don’t care what other people think about you. Self-confidence, mastered!
  9. You’re better at using your brain for recalling data and memorized facts (that’s known as “crystallized intelligence” – I know that little fact because I learned it in college and I just recalled that data for this article!) but you will forget why you got up and walked into the kitchen.
  10. Some health concerns start creeping up (fear of cancer, debilitating pain) but other health issues get easier (less stress and anxiety, fewer migraines).
  11. Better sex! Maybe because you’re more comfortable and confident with yourself and your partner, or you’re less self-conscious, or because there are no worries about getting pregnant. These are all good reasons for a better and more fulfilling sex life. I think most of you will agree with me, though, the reason doesn’t matter!
  12. Sleeping patterns change. The times we go to bed and wake up in the mornings change, but so, too, do the number of hours we feel comfortable requiring. (The desire for a nap notwithstanding!)
  13. Making (and keeping) friends is harder. Maybe this is because we have too many things to split up our time on, or because we’re more careful about who we let into our lives. Maybe it’s because our social lives are different, or maybe it’s our lack of tolerance for the behaviors we find unacceptable in a friend. Whatever the reason, this one kind of sucks.
  14. Your lips disappear and your eyes become hooded. In fact, it seems everything begins to droop and sag. This one sucks, too.
  15. Your vehicle’s glove box is a place for your car manual and registration information, of course, but it also becomes necessary to store other items there. A bottle of pain reliever and a stash of tissues (or even napkins are acceptable in a pinch) because you never know when you might need them.
  16. You may find, for the first time in your life, you are affected by allergies. Seasonal allergies, or even food intolerances, may begin to bother you unexpectedly. They could be just a nuisance, or they could be severe enough to warrant medications… because that’s exactly what you need… more pills!
  17. The effectiveness of, and your tolerance for, medications can change. So, more dr. visits and trips to the pharmacy to get your dosages adjusted.
  18. Speaking of medications, one cabinet in your kitchen will be devoted to medicines. An assortment of vitamins, pain relievers, creams and ointments, and prescription medications to address a myriad of issues will seem to multiply until they have taken over a whole shelf in one of your cabinets. (Bonus points if you also require a post-it note or a taped piece of paper on the inside of the cabinet door with the pill schedule!)


Growing older isn’t all bad. The trick is to find joy in everything. Take advantage of your age in situations where you can – use the wisdom and life experience you have against those little whippersnappers and show them what you’re capable of! Roll out of bed (grunting, of course!), rub that Icy Hot on your knees, and tackle the day head-first! Maybe it’s not true that age is just a number, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. Soon there will be many articles here showing you how I rebel against ageism every change I get, so be on the lookout for those fun articles.

What about you? How do you feel about these aging truths? Is there any more you would add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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